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Artist Statement: I am intrigued with vivid colors, photographing peculiar objects and seeing how light affects moods and how the objects take form. My influences are through my fascination with Japanese culture with Maiko style, fashion, film and traveling the world as a military wife.
This recent series "Where I belong" series is about SIP (Shelter in Place) on a US/Japanese air base in Japan. I am a military wife and a mother two sets of fraternal twins. I was faced with a choice to get a procedure a Brain Angiogram because of my Brain AVM before my hysterectomy in March. I postponed my surgery because in my soul I needed to be with my family. There isn't a Neurosurgeon available while I can have my hysterectomy. It was an upsetting and tough decision, it was the right decision for now.

Art can be very therapeutic and it enlightens that you are not alone and you can overcome anything in this human condition. We are navigating through this life and sometimes you don’t know where you are on your journey and where you want to go. Try to accept, invite and embrace change.

Artist Statement: "Where I Belong"