About the Artist

Stefanie Lynn Casaceli Hendra

About the Artist

Artist Biography:
Stefanie Lynn Casaceli Hendra is a multidisciplinary artist. She spends most of her time taking photographs, painting, fiber art and playing the piano. Stefanie has 25 years experience in her art. She was diagnosed with a Brain AVM in 2016, most of her work is about her coping with her AVM, her HLA-B27 diagnosis, menorrhagia (she recently just had surgery to help her menorrhagia), her family, women empowerment, Halloween and her bucket-list travel photographs in Japan and Italy.

Her photography work is held in prominent collections in Japan, France, Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, United States and United Kingdom.

She challenged herself to do a 100th day art project. One piece of artwork for a 100 days. She is currently working on a 1,000 Handmade Scarf Project. Stefanie founded Stefanie Lynn’s Scarfs™ from this ongoing project.

Stefanie has home schooled all four of her children. She thoroughly enjoys teaching, especially art, literature and penmanship.

She has been published nationally and internationally in PIkCHUR Magazine, Artist Portfolio Magazine, Skywriter Magazine and upcoming Issue 2 of All She Makes. She currently lives and works in Japan. Stefanie's current exhibitions are Solo Photography Exhibition “Japan Series” at Nakamura Camera Shop in Iwakuni, Japan."Ultraviolet Series" at Nakamura Camera Shop in Iwakuni, Japan. Spectrum Group Exhibition, Stay Home Gallery, Paris,TN. Summer Virtual Exhibition collaboration between All She Makes and PxP Contemporary:
“I’m Speaking: The Language of Art” Group Exhibition. Thirty Six Hours Exhibition, Ladies Drawing Club. Saint Petersburg, Russia. (Virtual)

Stefanie is the founder, curator and editor of A.B.F.M. Magazine™
artbooksfilmmusicmagazine.com She takes great pride in helping all creative's. Stefanie created a wonderful website to help all types of artists to get the exposure they deserve. Including self-taught artists, emerging artists, mid-career artists and established artists.

Photography Artist Statement:
I am intrigued with vivid colors, photographing peculiar objects and seeing how light affects moods and how the objects take form. I am on a journey with ultraviolet photography and digital photography. My influences are through my fascination with Japanese culture with Maiko style,fashion,film and traveling the world as a mother, and military wife.

Digital photography is new to me, I was taught old school photography in the darkroom. What I have learned is digital photography is one more tool for expressing oneself in the arts. Art can be very therapeutic and it enlightens that you are not alone and you can overcome anything in this human condition. We are navigating through this life and sometimes you don’t know where you are on your journey and where you want to go. Try to accept, invite and embrace change.

Fiber Artist Statement:
I was exposed to fabric, fabric stores, craft stores, yarn, needles and thread at a early age. My mother would cross stitch, sew and crochet. My grandma Millie would crochet.
I love the feel of fabrics, yarn, picking out sewing needles, picking out crochet hooks, knitting needles and designing quilts, making blankets and making fabric straw wreaths for comfort. It’s very nostalgic to me. Making protective masks during the pandemic made me realize I have been creating with my hands since early childhood and now being an adult, mother and wife and trying to find peace from the intensifying discord in our world. I continue to hone my skills, to hone my voice and allowing my hands to think.